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    Need to include Arabic language on PDF files

      I would like to create PDF files that include Arabic text to distribute them to employees in my organisation.

      Currently most of the work station have installed Adobe Reader v6.
      From what I understand there is an option available with version 8, to include the Arabic font (extended font pack) On-demand with the PDF file.

      Does any one know if this is also available to version 6? since I wouldn't want to reinstall Adobe Reader on all of the workstations?

      Thank you in advance
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          There is no Arabic font pack, so far as I have ever heard, and no need
          for one. There are font packs for Japanese, Chinese (two), and Korean.

          Just make the PDF file and embed all fonts.

          Aandi Inston
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            Thank you for your prompt reply,

            well, I guess I wasn't very clear, the documents have forms that I need the receivers to fill out. currently they are able to read them but not to interact with them.

            The following is from the Adobe Reader site, but seems only applicable to version 8

            "Extended Language Font Pack : This Font Pack covers Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese as well as the Eastern and Central European languages (including Cyrillic and Greek scripts). Documents in these languages always have their fonts embedded. Therefore, similar to the previous case, this Font Pack is needed only if the reader of the document wishes to interact in some way with its content - e.g. collaborating, commenting or filling out forms."
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              (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
              Ah, yes, form filling does seem to be different. At one time the user
              need a special Reader ME. Now, what you're looking for is automating
              its detection, in the way the Japanese (and far eastern) packs are
              done. If Adobe Reader doesn't already do that, I don't think there's a
              way to do it, and I fear there is not even a way to detect in the
              document whether the pack is installed.

              Aandi Inston
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                Hi, did you ever get this sorted? I have a similar problem

                -  we need to show arab characters as well as english in a pdf document. I have downloaded the extended fonts but I dont know how to specify them in the pdf documnet.