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    Find and Search will not find anything in a document

      Are there some types of pdf files that will not return any successful searches or finds? I open certain pdf files and search for obvious words
      that I can see in the text of the file but the search function never locates them. Is there a setting or something I can check to see whether or not the find/search will work on a certain pdf file? Other files open and search/find works perfectly fine so the application is ok.

      Any ideas ???
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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Try selecting some of the text in the problem files.

          If you can't do it, that means they are scanned images and don't contain any text to search.
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            A similar issue:

            Acrobat Pro 8.1.1 on Mac 10.4.11.

            The PDF is images and hidden text. I can select and copy text, and paste it into other applications.

            "Find" (CMD-F) will find strings in this PDF.

            "Search" (Shift-CMD-F) will not find everything that Find will.

            I can find "analog" with Find a couple of times in my PDF, but Search does not show these same results.

            Can someone point me to an explanation of the technical difference between these two Reader functions? I suspect that Find is just going for text, and that Search has some validity (or accessibility? or accessibility tagging?) requirements of the PDFs. I want to know what I need to do to my PDFs to make "Search" find things.

            Is there a preflight i can run in Pro for this? "Report PDF Syntax Issues" does not complain about this PDF.

            Forum and documentation searches on "search versus find" are getting me a lot of other things, and this isn't (I don't think?) about *PDF* per se, but about Reader's features.
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              I have the problem with search and find. We have an electronic medical record system that opens files ("i.e. Nursing progress notes) in adobe reader 8. I will see the word I'm searching for in the document, but it won't find it, when I search for it. I discovered when I copied the text and pasted it in Word and that some words had correct letter spacing and some didn't. For example the word mother might be spaced "mother" (if so, search would find it) or "m o th e r" or "mo t h e r" (same word might have several different spacing issues). If the word had spacing, it would not be found. If I typed the proper spacing sequence into search and find, then it would find the word. I previously had Acrobat 5 without any problems finding words, but our electronic medical record system is no longer compatible with this version. Do I need to get Adobe Acrobat to solve this spacing problem? Previously, I had been upgraded to Adobe 7 and had the problem, so they put Acrobat 5.0 back on my system and it solved the problem. But going back to Acrobat 5.0 is not an option this time.

              I tested to see if I had this problem with a personal document (one not originating from our hospital system) and it also would not find some words. When I copied and pasted to word, I found that where those words should have been was jibberish (i.e. djfhhfwthwr). So the problem appears to be with Adobe.
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                I search words in Russian language and have not found a word.
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                  You need a third party viewer that allows you to search image pdf in text mode.