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    Unkown file type

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      Hi, I am using Reader v8.1.2. As far as i rememeber I have not had a problem prior to today when I received an email with a number of pdf files as attachments. When I select one to read I get the dialog box with the options to 'open' or 'cancel', but above the two buttons it says 'Unkown File Type' when I click on open I get a message that reads ' This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action, create an association in the folder options control panel'

      When I look in the control panel at folder options, PDF files are set to open with Adobe reader.

      I thought it may be a problem at the senders end, but I have just sent a PDF file I created myself as an email attachment back to my other email account and the same thing has happened.

      Anyone assist please?