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    Adobe Reader 8.1 will not start

      Adobe Reader installs but will no run. When starting the reader after the install is finished I get the message (adobe reader 8.1 has encountered a problem) The reader then shuts down. How do I get past this problem?

      I am using Windows XP home on a Power Spec computer.
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          I have the same problem. Have installed and deinstalled so many times..... What a mess. I never used to have Adobe problems. They ought to have a support line until midnight. I can't always reach someone during the day. I work. Please let me know if a solution is found. Is there a lower version that I can install without being a computer junkie? That was what used to be so easy about Adobe - free and no hassle. Now, I'm stuck.
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            Ray Santhouse- 9:08pm 3/26/08 dst
            Have exact same problem. Can I download an earlier version that is reliable some where?
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              Same problem.

              Acrobat 7.0 was working and I installed 8.0 and it crashed. Removed it went back to 7.0.

              Tried to update to 8.1.2 and it crashes upon opening.

              Went through the automatic uninstall and the manual uninstall and still get:

              AppName: acrord32.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcr71.dll
              ModVer: 7.10.3052.4 Offset: 00010428

              Acrobat reader used to be bulletproof but this version does not play well with others.
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                I have the exact same problem. Version 7 was working fine. I installed Version 8.1.2 and it will not open. I get Adobe Reader 8.1 has encountered a problem and needs to close. I have uninstalled and installed Version 8.1.2 a number of times. with the same result. I have a Dell Dimension 5100 series running XP completely up to date with latest updates. I have a very lightly loaded system with 77% of my hard disk free (54.41 GB).
                appname: acrod32.exe
                modname: msvcr71.dll
                0ffset: 00010428
                Please give me a fix or version 7 to reload. I am a student and use the Adobe Reader every day.
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                  tried 8.1.2 update but any program that uses adobe says it is not working, tried to uninstall my a: drive light comes on then pops up this patch package could not be opened. won't install says it's working properly. I'm at wits end.
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                    I can use it on my wifes screen but not mine wont even open on mine and im the "owner"
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                      TomDonnelly,try www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/reader_archive.html
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                        ADOBE READER 8.1.1 has been "corupted"
                        ADOBE READER 8.1.2 is supposed to remedy this
                        1. I use GOOGLE"--type in "WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEANUP UTILITY"
                        When "results" appear-look for "support.microsoft.com""DESCRIPTION OF WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEANUP UTILITY"---CLICK
                        2. When page opens, scroll down to "DOWNLOAD THE WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEANUP UTILITY PACKAGE NOW" (You can read instructions or not)
                        3. When "File Download-Security Warning"box appears-click "RUN"
                        4. After Download completes-Open "Programs" and look for "WINDOWS INSTALL CLEANUP"--CLICK TO "Open"
                        5. When box opens look for 8.1.1 (or) Adobe 8.1.1-and "Click"(HIGHLIGHT)DO NOT HIGHLIGHT ANY OTHER PROGRAM!
                        6. At bottom of box-Click-"REMOVE"
                        7. Check-"Control-Panel"(Add/Remove Programs)--ADOBE SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED
                        8.NOW download ADOBE READER 8.1.2