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    .PDF displays incorrect values

      Adobe Reader 8.0

      I was trying to help someone that was having a problem with the way their Vista machine displays a .PDF. When this person goes out to a website and tries to pull up a .PDF instead of getting a value that looks like this: 1000.00 They get something that looks like this $value.

      I have deleted cookies/cache, delete the Adobe cache, deleted Reader from Programs/Features, and the Program Files directory. Reinstalled Reader but the problem continues.

      I created a second windows profile, and the issue was resolved until, the person ran a System Recovery to remove the second windows profile, because they didn't want 2 profiles. (Please don't ask me why they did that, lets just say this person isn't to computer savy).

      So anyways now no matter what I try to do every profile I create generates the same issue. I know this isn't a problem with the website because there are other machines that display the .PDF correctly.

      This is a brand new Vista laptop. I really believe that something is caching somewhere but have no idea where.

      Does anyone have any ideas?