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    Windows Acrobat 8.1

      I recently created a file as a PDF, CMYK file. It was printed and went well. I then had to reprint and the printer told me he couldn't find the file so I resent it. I went to InDesign where the original file was, and made one change, an addition of a web address. This was on the back side of the postcard.

      I saved it since in Acrobat the setting will remain the same from the original file, you don't have to change anything. But I do check to make sure everything is the way it was the first time, CMYK.

      This time the printing is horrible, red overall. They print using a web and when I talked to one of the people there she said they didn't have any control over the printing. But they felt it was my file and not the way it was printed.

      I then continued to call and got another person who said the file was an RGB??? I never change my setting and I checked, so they will not reprint the file. They say it was my fault.

      My question is, in Reader I used to remember in the older ones a place where you could see if it was CMYK or RGB. I don't see that in this version. Can you tell me where I can check this. Since this is the original file and nothing has changed. I want to make them reprint this order.

      Thank you.