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    Printing spool Jobs too bing on Acrobat 7 vs Acrobat 6

      Hello all, we recently upgraded our Citrix servers from Acrobat Reader 6 to Acrobat Reader 7. Everything went really smooth, or at least we thought that.

      About three weeks after the migration the users started complaining about how slow the print jobs were coming out, especially at our remote locations.

      For a file about 40 pages long, when I print it out using Reader 6 the spool file is 1.2MB. When I print the same file using Reader 7.0.8 the spool file goes to 20MB, this is a huge difference and the impact in our network is very noticeable.

      This happens on our Servers as well as on our desktop, so doesnt matter what OS we are using Windows 2003 or Windows XP, they both have the issue. Has anybody face this issue before?