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    Adobe won't print IRS forms

      I initially had a problem with 8.1.2 freezing, not opening pdf's, not printing pdf's. Did the windows install clean up sol'n. That fixed it except for the IRS forms. Did the clean up, removed 8.1.2 and downloaded 6.0 thinking the earlier version might be better. Still can read, print pdf's but NOT the IRS forms. This is a pain, but not as serious (for me) as being unable to download, read or print pdf's in general.

      Any suggestions on what how to fix the thing so I can get these irs forms printed out? I can see the forms and save them (but can't copy them - tried a workaround by copying into word) but can't print them. Says I'm missing some java script. I updated java - still the same message.

      Also, I - at best - stumble around the computer, so please "talk down" when making your suggestion(s).


      One more thing .. should I uninstall 6.0 and put back 8.1.2?