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    Adobe Reader 8.1 - Acess Denied

      Everytime i want to open an pdf file from the web i receive this message " Error opening document. Access denied".
      If i open one file thats stored on disk it opens ok. From the web it doesn´t open..it shows that error message.
      Can someone help me?
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          I am having the same problem. I can't open any attachments from emails. How do I fix this?
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            I have PDF files on the web and have been able to open standard PDF and 3D PDF files within a web site for months with no problem.
            Until yesterday.

            While working a message showed up telling me to update Adobe Reader.
            So I did. Now I have Reader 8.1.2

            Now when accesing a PDF I get the following message:
            "Cannot use Adobe Reader to view PDF in your Web browser. Reader will now exit. Please exit your browser and try again."

            What is the answer to this?
            Install an earlier version?

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              I am having the same issue with several computers. I have installed earlier versions and still had the same problem. I also can not pull up a PDF from a web link. It pulls up a blank page, then I can F5 or refresh and it will pull up the document. If the document tries to down load in the web browser in get access denied. If anyone hears of a solution please let me know.
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                I took out 8.1.2, cleaned up the registry, and re-started.
                I had on my USB back-up disk 7.0.7 so I installed it and I was back in business.
                Now my problem is that I keep getting this pop-up messages from Adobe to tell me that version 8.1.2 is available.
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                  Hi <br />I have asp.net web application with C# .In that iHave used the <Object tag and clid to open the adobe reader in gridview .but it gives to problem<br /><br />1. It doesnot takes path fro server(some files are stored on server)<br />2.If i give local system file path .it gives ACCESS DENIED error<br /><br />thanks