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    Advanced Editing tools greyed-out in form designed in LifeCycle Ddesigner 8.0

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      I have designed a form using Lifecycle Designer 8.0, which I eventually want to be fillable and saveable with Acrobat Reader. I would like to include a hyperlink in the form.

      After completing the design with Lifecycle Designer 8.0, I have opened the form with Acrobat Professional 8.0, where I thought I should be able to add a hyperlink. However, the Link tool under Advanced Editing is greyed-out and I cannot add a link. I seem to remember that I was able to do this before but cannot do so now. I have also tried to do this, as a test, using a standard form template in Lifecycle Designer 8.0 and the same result happens when I open the file in Acrobat Professional 8.0

      I have also noted that, if I start a new document in Acrobat Professional 8.0, I can use the link tool (it is not greyed-out).

      Is what I am trying to do ... adding a link with Acrobat Professional 8.0 to a Lifecycle Designer designed form ... possible?

      Thank you.