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    printing problems

      I use WIN XP with Acrobat Reader 8
      When i try print any file from file->print option or print button
      the print dialog box have about 2-3 minutes to open and in this time reader not respond
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          This can happen if the default printer is offline. Try changing the

          Aandi Inston
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            I have recently installed Adobe Acrobat 8 and am having some funny print results when printing to a PDF. The font on the page is unreadable. example..should read "March 18, 2008" instead it read "Pdufk#4;/#533;#". Any quick resolutions?
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              I am receiving an error while trying to print a pdf and am using Version 7, the error reads "Implementation limit exceeded, try decreasing the magnifaction? any help would be great, thanks.
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                My Adobe Reader 8 has been working just fine since downloading it las year. This past week it stopped printing PDF documents saying "it can't start print job. Is printer available?" Yes, my printer is available and will print all other documents that are not PDF. When this problem first appeared, I tried to download the reader again bu now says I need a patch. I have not uninstalled the first Adobe Reader 8 download and I still have Acrobat 6 & 7 in my program files. I am 70 years and can't figure this out. I don't even know if I can find my way back to this forum. Please email me direct at kittypause2@aol.com

                I really need some help here. Thanks!
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                  My Reader is suddenly opening PDFs as a garbled Word doc and showing nothing but code/numbers? Can someone advise as to how to get this back to normal please as I can't view or print them anymore.
                  Kindly email direct at rl@airinmotion.com

                  Thanks very much!
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                    Hi Nancy, I'm having the same exact problem. Went through the suggestions and none of that worked either. I have Acrobat Reader 5 so I went to that and was able to open and print my pdf files. I think you can get a free version of Acrobat Reader if you don't have it already. I hope this works for you!
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                      Hi friends with AR problems.

                      I, too, get the message my printer is unavailable, when in fact, it is. It's not a printer problem because I have three printers and not a one works with AR. I was going to attempt to uninstall it, and I could not do that. I received the following message: This paatch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows patch package.

                      If it's not a valid patch package, adobe is at fault, because that's where I downloaded this program. GRRRRRRRRR....
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                        I have a problem somewhat similar to Penny McAlmond-Ross. We have - or had - Adobe working fine with all other software and hardware on my parents' Dell computer, previous to the release of version 8.1.1.

                        Since v.8.1.1 was installed (via the usual auto-updater "would you like to install?") we have been unable to print to the USB printer that had previously worked with no problems. Now, each and every time we attempt to print any document - be it from MS Word, Excel, or even a test page from the printer's Control Panel - the "Adobe Reader 8.1.1 - Setup" screen appears and NOTHING has ever printed since.

                        I have attempted to correct by allowing the installation to go through again to completion, by deleting the old installation via the uninstall and reinstalling, but deleting the old installation thru Windows' uninstall routines and reinstalling, and uninstalling period ... we even spent time and money going to computer specialists for a repair. All of it was to no avail.

                        Nothing has managed to fix this bug - which, frankly, is acting very much like a VIRUS. Right now, sans some sort of help from Adobe, we're looking at the expense of having to completely wipe the machine and reinstall the OS just to get the printer to work, and that simply is not right.

                        I've searched the knowledgebase for help and attempted to run through the very user-unfriendly customer service functions on adobe.com, with no positive result. This is EXTREMELY frustrating, and like Ms. McAlmond-Ross, there are many "GRRRRRRRRRRRRs" coming from this household. Please help!!!!!!!

                        Tracy M. Bovee
                        (for Dave and Carol Bovee)
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                          When I print a multi-page PDF document, I can only print one page at a time. I have tried selecting All and Pages (selecting all the pages of the document)in the Print Range, but still only one page at a time prints.

                          Has anyone run into this and how can I fix it.

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                            Nemuri13 Level 1
                            Well there are many people posting here and almost everyone has a different issue. For all of those getting the patch package error you need to use the Windows Installer Clean-up utility to uninstall your current Reader. The doc covering this issue is:


                            follow the steps in this doc to uninstall Reader and then re-install the latest version.

                            those that are printing out garbled click on the Advanced button in the Reader Print dialog and then from the next screen choose Print As Image. You are probably experiencing a driver issue.

                            Good Luck!
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                              Level 1
                              Gene, thank you for your reply.

                              However, I note that many of us - myself included - are reporting issues with v.8.x. Your listed TechNote only covers v.6.x and v.7.x. In addition, while we are suffering issues with the installer, the problems that TechNote cover strike me as not being close to the specific issues we're suffering with the installer.

                              Is your email meant to convey that despite these discrepancies, the same fix should still apply?

                              Tracy M. Bovee
                              (for Dave and Carol Bovee)