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    Problem removing old versions with customization wizard 8

      I'm trying to deploy Acrobat Reader 8 to our XP Professional desktops via Active Directory software installation (Windows Server 2003 domain)

      I have obtained the MSI release of Reader 8, customised it using Adobe Customization Wizard 8, and deployed it through AD as per the Adobe documentation. This works as expected for new machines without a previous release of Reader installed.

      However for desktops that have Reader 6 or 7 installed, we end up with two versions installed side by side (visible in Add/Remove Programs). Reader 8 works fine at this point. Removing the older version causes the PDF file association that Reader 8 created to be broken, also the Internet Explorer browser plugin is broken. Reader 8 has to be reinstalled manually to fix this issue.

      I have read that Reader automatically removes old versions of itself when you install a new version. Additionally, when customising the MSI, "Remove previous version of Reader" is greyed out. However it appears that the installer is not removing old versions.

      Any ideas as to a solution?

      Thanks a lot
      Tom Fanning