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    Changing Adobe Reader 8's Minimize behavior

      I need some advice on how to get Acrobat Reader 8 to change a specific behavior. System is Adobe Reader 8.1.2 on Windows XP SP2.

      Workflow is this:
      1. Open Adobe Reader.
      2. Click on the Maximize/Restore Down button to have it expand to fit the full screen.
      3. Click on the Minimize button to hide Acrobat Reader in the Task Bar while I work on something else.

      If I now open a PDF file by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer, Adobe Reader brings itself out of the Task Bar, but it switches into the smaller Restore Down window size instead of returning to Maximimized full screen mode.

      What do I need to set in Reader's preferences or elsewhere that will tell it to return to the same window size that it started at before being Minimized into the Task Bar?