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    Reader 5.0 support? display pdf in browser?

      Using Netscape 7.2 and Reader 5.0, I cannot get the pdf to open in browser window. Either the upgrade to Netscape 7.2 or to Reader 5.0 started this problem. Where can I get info on how to get pdf's to open in the browser window? As it is now, clicking on a pdf icon in browser typically opens a new browser window, which is blank, but I can 'save page as' and launch the pdf in Reader (Reader opens on top of browser). I know these are older application versions, but I would really like to know why I can't view the pdf's in the browser. I know I had a previous combination of Netscape and Reader that allowed the pdf to be viewed in the browser and I can't figure out what has changed or what I need to do. Can't find any Reader 5.0 help on the Adobe site.
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          Any particular reason you are using such an old version of Reader?

          Aandi Inston
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            I tried to upgrade to 6.x at one time, think I tried 7.x once, but they require better OS than Win98. Had to Uninstall them. I am using Win98, not 98SE even, original hardware and software that came with computer. Strictly money, not able to afford to upgrade the OS. I am trying the forum because I could swear the 'display pdf in browser' feature was working at one time, now it's not, and I don't know why or when the feature was lost. Maybe the Netscape upgrade caused the loss of this feature. But Netscape support no good. Have not tried the Firefox browser. For what it's worth, this feature does not work with the IE6.02 browser either. I was hoping that maybe in the process of downloading Reader 6.x or 7.x, some file(s) got overwritten or changed in the attempts to install or the subsequent uninstalls. That I could find out what files changed and could replace them. Or that I just don't have the right 'preferences' set up in Netscape 7.2 or Reader 5.0. As it is, I can manage to get the pdf's downloaded, but it is very inconvenient not to be able to 'preview' the pdf's in the browser window first.