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    The page cannot be found

      Our monthly newsletter contains links to our intranet server http://intranet/data/ and links to our internal file server \\file server\data\. Since we updated to Adobe Reader 8.1.2, we are unable to reach links to our internal file server within IE 6 (W2K SP4) We get the error message: Page not found and the address bar displays the following: http://intranet/file server/data/... It concatenates the first part of the intranet server and the second part of the UNC path of the internal file server address. When we open the same document with these links within Adobe Reader, everything works correctly.

      We already have two workarounds:

      Uncheck Display PDF in browser
      Load all files from our internal intranet server

      My question is:

      Is this a security restriction of the latest Adobe Reader plug-in? Is there a way to make the internal links to our file server work?

      With kind regards,