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    Adobe Reader 8.1.2 - Adobe Updater plug-in

      My installation of adobe reader 8.1.2 (win xp pro sp2) hangs up
      while its start-up. CPU load between 97 and 99 %. No network traffic can be observed. I could find out that the adobe updater plug-in is the reason.
      I had to remove the plug-in file from reader's installation folder to
      get it solved.
      But what is the proper solution ?

      Proposals described under
      "Freeze when you start Reader or Acrobat (6.0-8.0 or 3D on Windows)"
      don't seem to apply in my case.
      In the title it is "6.0-8.0" but descriptions tell about 6.0 or 7.0 only.
      Solution #1 - no files of the type acr*.tmp found on my disk
      Solution #2 - folder \Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\[Acrobat version number]\Updater not found.
      Solution #3 tried but no success
      Solution #4 - workaround means unacceptable additional effort