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    100% cpu when scrolling over 2 pages

      When I scroll down or up in a PDF document and that two pages appears at the same time ( the bottom of page 1 and the top of page 2 ), the scrolling become very slow, and the cpu pop to 100%. I noticed that on all computers. If you want to see an extreme case, ask me to send you one of the PDF of a laboratory. In this one the scrolling go down to something like 2-3fps, that's incredible. In other pdf if slow down but not so much, but it still slow down.

      I have a very recent computer with a x1400 inside, so it's not the tnt2 thing. I'm running on XP, and the version of the reader is 8.1.2. I already disabled all the "smooth" things to see if there is a difference, but none was noticed. Oh by the way it's not very huge documents, something around 16 pages.

      I wonder if I can change something in the options to allow the reader to scroll softly and fast thruout an entire document? It's so disturbing that I found more usable to print the document than to review it in the reader.