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    Incorrect Table Border Rendering


      I am using Adobe Reader 8.1.2., running on Windows XP Professional SP2.

      I am creating a multi-column table in MS Word (any version upto and including 2007), and setting the table Border properties to show all borders except the vertical column seperator borders (I.E. setting these to none).

      When I then convert this to a PDF document, and display it in Adobe Reader, I see little spikes appearing on the table outer border and row seperator borders, at the points where a column seperator border would be present (had I chosen to display it).

      I have tried using several PDF Print Drivers to make this conversion (NovaPDF and CutePDF), with exactly the same results.

      If I display the resultant PDF file in a different PDF Reader, I.E. the Foxit Reader, then everything displays fine (I.E. without the spikes).

      This analysis has lead me to believe the problem has something to do with the Adobe Reader rendering. Interestingly, when I print the file, the spikes dissappear - they're only visible when viewing the file on screen (which is what I require).

      Has anyone else come across this before, or does anyone have a fix / work around.

      Many Thanks,