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    FIX: Adobe Reader 8.1.2 gives spurious "... you need to install a printer" error messages.

      Quick solution (in my case): change the "Default Printer" from my existing "default", a network printer not available at my current location, to a printer available here on site (a "local" printer using a TCP/IP network port).

      Longer story:

      I'm on site at a client's, and have been unable to print Adobe Reader documents. The following error message was appearing:

      "Before you can perform print-related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer."

      There are many printers installed on my machine, as I travel from site to site and install printers at each location. I have a network printer installed at my home office, which is my "default" printer.

      At this site, I was able to successfully print from other applications, so I new that printing was working, and that the printer driver was not at issue. Very frustrating. Adobe wouldn't even let me bring up the "Print Setup" dialog, or choose from a list of the installed printers.

      After much messing around, I eventually saw something in another forum that prompted me to make the change mentioned above. ... and boom, all of a sudden, Adobe Reader was able to print without problems, and all the dialog boxes became available.

      BOO! This is a BUG, this is not proper behavior, and it needs to be FIXED! I'd bet you that a ton of people are running into similar problems, when their default printer is not available for whatever reason, and they haven't changed it to one that is available.