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    Display in PDF Browser Window option


      I'm using Adobe Reader version 8.1.2, We deploayed the software to a number of users using the adobe customization wizard to disable the "Display PDF in Browser Window Option"

      We now want to enable this option for a few users that require the option ticked so they can view a pdf from a certain website.

      I have tried deleting the bBrowserIntegration in HKLM\Software\Policies\Adobe\Adobe Reader

      This enables the option to be modified but once I tick the box and close and re-open adobe reader it does not remember that I have ticked it.

      Without re-installing adobe does anybody have any ideas what other reg keys could need to be modified.

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          I am looking for an answer to this also.
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            elongp Level 1
            We also deployed 8.12 to over 1000 users with the "Disable PDF in browser" option checked using the customization wizard. Now we're finding some users need it to view certain PDFs in a web-based application.

            We would like to add the option, but removing the registry key doesn't actually install the option when you check it. It seems you might have to create a new mst then redeploy. We'd really like to not have to do that, if at all possible.

            In the Reader archives, one guy suggested running this:
            msiexec /i Adobe_Reader_8.1_MUI.msi ADDLOCAL=ReaderBrowserIntegration

            I haven't tried that yet. Any feedback or other suggestions?

            E Long
            Austin, TX
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              elongp Level 1
              OK, after a little more searching, I found an article in the KB, http://www.adobe.com/go/kb401258.

              It says in the customization wizard on the Installation Options screen, in the Default viewer for PDF files section, make sure the option "Installer will decide which product will be the default" is selected.

              That fixed it for us. Now to test if we can repair current installs, or if you have to uninstall and reinstall.

              E Long
              Austin, TX