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    Reader integration in own software (licensing question)

      We are developing software for electronic signature. Before the user clicks the signature button the data to be signed is displayed in a window of our software. We have the requirement to also support the signature of PDF-documents in the future. And it would be a nice feature to display the PDF-document in a window of our software.

      Thererfore the ActiveX-Control which comes with Acrobat Reader installation would be suitable for our requirements. We could integrate the ActiveX in our software using it for displaying the document. In a following step the user can press the "sign"-button which causes the document to be signed and stored on the local hard-drive.

      Now to our question: We cannot ensure that the PDF-Documents has the properties set for saving or digital signature. We would like to use the ActiveX of Acrobat Reader only for displaying the document. The software performing the signature and embedding it into the PDF-document is completely outside of Acrobat reader and part of our software. Is is permitted to integrate the ActiveX of Acrobat Reader with software for signing and saving PDF-documents that also allows the user to sign the document if the corrensponding properties for saving and signature are not set ?