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    Unable to start print job.  Is printer available?

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      Quick Fix in regards to the error 'Unable to start print job. Is printer available?':

      Rather than un-install, etc..., all you need to do is change the Comments & Forms drop-down in the Print Dialog window FROM 'Documents & Markup' TO 'Document', and all of your printing woes are resolved. Enjoy and share with others!

      Ben Martin
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          If my previous instructions were a little un-clear, I apologize. When you click print in Adobe, a window will pop-up. This is called the Print Dialog window. On this window, near the top-right of the window, is a section labeled 'Comments and Forms:' with a box that has a down arrow on it. Clicking this down arrow allows you to change the way that Adobe will handle printing. If you change the selected option in this box TO 'Document', then you will be able to print. So, change it to 'Document', and then click OK; your document should print fine.

          This should be the only time you have to make this change, as Adobe will save this setting for future printing.

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            I had the same problem and just found my solution.


            Seems that Reader 8 never fully installed or was corrupted during a Reader 9 upgrade and then would not recognize the printers I had configured.  I started the application Reader 8 and a pop-up message stated it was configurating settings then Reader 8 started normally.  After that printing started normally.


            To get to Reder 9 I uninstalled Reader 8 via the uninstaller and then manually deleted everything else left.  I restarted the computer and then re-installed Reader 9.  I ran the Reader 9 application and then checked printing and everything worked perfectly.  This was very frustrating, but glad to find a solution that woked.


            Bottom-line:  If you recently upgraded to 9.0 and 8.0 is still running, run reader 8 application and then uninstall via the uninstaller and manually describe here:




            Good luck.