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    Portable Version of Adobe Reader

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      Is there a portable version of Adobe Reader that can be operated stand-alone from a USB Flash Drive without requiring the permanent installation of any Adobe Reader software on a host computer ?

      We have Foxit, but it has problems reading some .pdf files.

      The following code works fine on a computer that has Adobe Reader already installed, but I do not know if the program will work "stand alone". A snippet is as follows:
      AxAcroPDF1.Visible = True
      Dim filename As String
      filename = "D:\download\test.pdf"

      The included DLLs are AcroPDFLib.dll and Acrobat.dll.
      Does anyone know if this code with the above DLLs will work stand-alone ?

      Thank you very much.

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          >Is there a portable version of Adobe Reader

          Adobe do not provide such a thing. It has to be installed to run

          You are in any case using OLE components. So far as I know, a portable
          OLE component is an impossibility, because they must be registered,
          i.e. installed - but I may be missing something.

          Aandi Inston
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            Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            May be possible to put a Linux installation with Adobe Reader on a USB Flash Drive.
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              Hi Aandi and Bernd,

              Thank you very much for your comments.
              It would certainly be helpful if Adobe would develop a version of Adobe Reader for stand-alone, portable applications.
              Application software that makes entries in the registry and other areas of the operating system partition can be used in portable applications by installing a complete operating system on the portable device as you suggest or by using virtual software such as Mojopac or VMWare ACE. Another alternative is to create a virtual application as is possible with Xenocode. We use the latter approach for some of our own software and it should work with Adobe Reader.
              For now, the best approach appears to be to use Foxit.
              We are storing PDF data in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server Compact Edition databases, retrieving the information and displaying it with Foxit (or with Adobe Reader if it is resident on the computer system).
              There are some complexities to the IO code. I would be happy to share the code if it would be useful to someone else.