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    Issue - Cannot open pdf in minimized mode in 8.1.0

      Hi All,

      We have an application that needs users to select the docs they would like to print and they can specify the number of copies too. Here, we need the ability to open a PDF file in minimized mode, print it and close it.
      We were able to do this with no problems earlier, but after installing Adobe reader 8.1.0, we are facing some issues with this functionality.
      Issues -
      1. PDF opens in full screen, and not in minimized mode.
      2. When multiple docs are selected, the first doc opens up and stays in full screen. once it is sent to printer, it stays put and other docs open on top of it in fullscreen, print and get closed. The first doc remains open throughout.

      Any help in resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in Advance,