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    PDF doesn't open up in IE 6.0 with Adobe Reader 8.1.2

      Hi All

      We have an app that dynamically generates PDF using FOP deployed on JBoss server running on AIX. My machine has IE 6 and Adobe Reader 8.1.2 with browser plug-in installed on Windows XP SP2.

      PDF the app generates, doesn't open up within IE using the plug-in. But as I could save the PDF file and then open it using Adobe Reader, I went ahead and unchecked the option "Display PDF in Browser" (under Adobe Reader's Edit->Preferences->Internet). Doing so, opens up the PDF automatically using Adobe Reader instance outside of the browser. Though it works, I would like to avoid having all our users change their settings.

      Another strange thing that I noticed is that when I run the app on my local machine with a windows version of JBoss, PDF opens up automatically w/o any issues in IE with Adobe plugin. But if the same code is deployed to the JBoss server on AIX it won't open in IE.

      For testing purpose, I tried installing Foxit PDF reader, making it the default and PDF opens up fine under both Windows and AIX instances of JBoss.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Anup Alex