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    Preferences > Updates setting turns itself back on


      We use Ghost to image our computers and we're having to create new Default User profiles on each machine because the Adobe Reader settings are per-user. So, we get the Adobe Reader settings just the way we need them and then create our new Default User profile so the settings will be the same for anyone who logs onto that machine and all the settings stick except for the Updates one. We use Windows XP Pro and Adobe Reader 7.0.9 specifically. Newer versions of Reader break other programs that we use so, we turn off the automatic updates.

      So, we're having to go through this whole Default User profile thing on each computer specifically for Adobe Reader. Then, when all the settings are just right, we create our Ghost image and use that to deploy a large number of PC's. The problem is when we put that image on other computers, the automatic update setting is turned back on.

      Does anyone know of a way to turn off automatic updates for good?


      Jay E