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    Problems with dynamic PDF display in reader 8.1.0

      I have created a dynamic PDF Form having 30 text fields in a row. All these fields are bounded to XSD. The design is like, a row of fields display a single user informations. When I import a XML with 100 user informations, then my PDF crashes. If I import a XML with 50 user informations, then it works fine. Anything beyond that count causes the PDF to close automatically. I believe, its the number of fields which causes the problem. I may be wrong.
      I also needs to enter 100 user informations by adding rows one by one. The PDF becomes very slower when I add beyond 35th row. I'm using Livecycle designer 8.0 for designing dynamic PDFs and using Adobe reader 8.1.0 for viewing.

      Can anyone help me on this?