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    7.0.5 language support update not showing.

      i have AR 7.0.9.
      when i opened a document recently, a message popped up saying the doc may be using a newer format, asking me to upgrade.
      so i went to 'check updates' from the AR window itself.
      the available updates i could see were
      AR 7.0.5 language support, and
      Adobe photoshop album starter.
      i chose to update the first one.

      after installing, i checked control panel and the update was visible.

      then, i went to 'check updates now' again (as the problem persisted)

      once again the updates available showed the above 2.
      so i once again installed the Lang. support.

      but even after this second time install, the 'check updates' comes up showing that i need the 7.0.5 langue support.

      whats happening?