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    How to prevent automatic download and install of Reader 8.1.2

      I have Adobe Reader 7.0.9 and I need to keep it as my default Adobe reader program and plug-in for some applications that I use.
      Over the last week, Adobe reader 8.1.2 downloads automatically and installs itself in my business laptop (Win XP SP2) and replaces my 7.0.9 version.
      Each time I uninstall the 8.1.2 and reinstall the 7.0.9. I ensure the option of automatic download and install is disabled in 7.0.9.
      But it still happens I have for the xth time today the new 8.1.2 in my laptop.
      Anybody knows what is going on ? And how can I solve this issue to keep my 7.0.9 version ?