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    Arabic font support problem with 8.1.2 under Windows Vista

      I was trying to load a PDF with Arabic/ Japanese text. Adobe Reader went ahead and installed the Japanese language pack.
      Now the document uses two fonts for Arabic: Arabic Transparent and Arabic Transparent-Bold. Both of which are TrueType Fonts.
      It seems that Windows Vista omitted those two fonts so I went ahead and copied them from Windows XP to Vista's fonts folder. But Adobe Reader always report that Arabic Transparent-Bold is missing "Cannot find or create the font Arabic Transparent-Bold. Some characters my display or print incorrectly" but it detected the other font which is Arabic Transparent.

      I tried and installed Adobe Reader 7 under Vista and uninstalled 8.1.2 I received a message warning me with some incompatibilities with this version of Windows (Vista). I ignored the message and finished the installation. Well, The PDF displayed correctly. I upgraded to 8.1.2 and the same error message reappeared.
      The PDF file can be downloaded at:

      Right click and Save Target As: