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    collated printing on multi-page documents by default

      I very occasionally print large numbers of multi-page PDF documents. So far, I haven't been able to find any pdf reader that chooses to have these documents printed in collated form, when I print more than one copy. MS Word does this, and I am very much used to this. Consequently, I waste a lot of paper (or time, by having to sort out many pages). Is there an option to have multi-page documents printed in collated format by default, when I want more than one copy? I didn't see anything like this in the Preferences, nor did I find any thread about this when I did a forum search.
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          I downloaded version 9 of Acrobat Reader and tried printing multiple collated copies to a level 3 Postscript printer. I set copies to a number and check Collate. You'd think this would do it. Not in your life. This produces multiple copies of each page then I have to collate them manually. I have tried several combinations of settings and nothing works. I even tried setting the printer advanced options for # of copies and collating. No joy. The only way I can get multiple collated copies is too print the document directly from OpenOffice.org where I created it. It produces the multiple collated copies by printing the complete document for as many copies as I specify. I would think Adobe could at least do that if we can't depend on whatever it is that they are trying to make the software do now.
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