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    Impossible upgrade Adobe reader 8.1.2

      Message du 28 Avril 2008 à ADOBE


      I send you this e-mail because because I did not find an answer in the forums ADOBE about the problem I encounter

      I have a SONY laptop under WINDOW XP2 which was equipped with series of version 7 of ADOBE READER.
      To upgrade this version, I downloaded the new version official ADOBE READER 8.1.2 in french
      I execute the file relating thereto, and I have a message that pops up:
      "Could not write value in the key
      \ Software \ Classes \ AcroIHelper.AcroIEHLprObj.1.1
      Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support. "

      There is a user account and it is well stated as administrator of the computer
      I also tried to run this file with right click and run as ... (Administrator) but it is still impossible to install the new version

      Could you help me to resolve this problem

      I thank you in advance

      Jean Claude FLOUR