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    PDF will not open in VISTA, email defaults to Word 2007 files corrupted

      I am having an unusual issue with my new Vista based Dell XPS notebook! My ISP is MSN and is also my email provider, when I open my email and click to open an attachment marked PDF the email program defaults to MS Word 2007 and corrupts the file. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my Office 2007 suite and my Adobe 8.1.2 to try and make it work, everything is the same , it will not work I just downloaded Reader 8.1.2 today after I installed my Microsoft Office 2007 Suite and the problem reared its ugly head. I used Office 2003 with Windows 2003 Professional as well as Windows 98 and 95 without ever having any problem. I really appreciate any advice for finding a fix for this mess, I was forced to go to VISTA after my previous Dell made a suicide leap to the floor. Dell replaced the computer at no charge, I would have been happy having the computer case replaced with a working OS, not this VISTA MESS.