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    Need help creating pdf contracts: Reader vs. Acrobat

      I am needing some help regarding creating pdf contracts to send to clients. It will basically need to have info input by 2 different parties, the catering company and their client. I am on a Mac and will be originally creating the pdf contract. It will then be used by a catering company, who is using Windows. They will need to input information into this contract, such as dates, client info, prices, menus, etc. Then, they will email it to the client (probably using Windows) for their electronic signatures, ability to print for their files, etc., and then return the signed pdf to the catering company.

      I have been going through Reader and Acrobat to see which application would be better to use. In Acrobat, I exported the pdf to Word to input info, but Word changes the appearance/formatting of things. The catering personnel don't need to have to rearrange the appearance, they need something they can simply fill in info on. Is there a way around this?? I then made a new pdf and the rest of the process seemed to function okay.

      In Reader, I couldn't find a way to export to Word in order to fill in info and create a new pdf...is this correct? So it seems that I would have to create forms for both parties originally, then have the catering company fill out their portions, and then send the pdf onto the client to fill in their portions. But, if the client highlights the fields, all will be highlighted, not just the ones they need to complete. And, would they be able to alter the fields that the catering company filled out?

      Could somebody PLEASE help me out with the logistics of this process???
      Any help is greatly appreciated!!