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    Cannot delete AcroReader ActiveX DLLs

      I uninstalled Acrobat Reader 8 from my computer (Windows 2000).

      A folder named Acrobat was left in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe folder. It contains an ActiveX folder which contains two DLLs:


      It is impossible to delete this folder or its contents, even though no program is using them.

      I was not able to delete them even when I booted from another OS partition, or from a CD. And the regsvr32 /u command failed.

      Some nerve to install files which cannot be deleted.

      Please advise how can I delete the Adobe folder.
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          Man, this AcroIEhelper.dll seems to be a real pain in the neck  I keep finding people who have reasons to be annoyed by it, but the problem seems to be, we all have different reasons!

          If we all had the same problem, we could tell eachother and be done with it... but no such luck

          You seem to want to get rid of it, and can't; I want to insert it into my Adobe file, for it's not there, and it won't let me; and there's someone else who has yet an other misery with the same blasted thing..

          And nobody seems to be able to help any of us.