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    No Save As box appears

      We are using an MRP software package that when we create a report we want to export it to a PDF. This option was working fine up until April 20th.
      We use to click on the Export icon in the report, get a box that says export to what-- we choose Acrobat (PDF), destination to disk.
      than the Save As box would appear and we would put in the location to save it to, click ok, than Export options box would appear and we could choose all. (all pages or some of the pages). than the file would be exported into a PDF.

      Now all we get is the first box (export to Acrobat(PDF)) and the third box (export option) we do not get the save as box. we don't know if the file is being save and if it is being saved, where is it being saved to and what the file name is.

      On April 19th I upgraded Symantec Backup Exec (10d to 11d) on the same server that this MRP is on and the user that normally exports the files was out until this week so i did not find out about this issue until now.

      has any one come across this same issue where the Save As box does not appear and can not find where (if) the file has been save to? if so, what did you do to correct it?

      oh if we want to export the file to Excel or Cyrstal Report or any other application there is no problem, we get the save as box. it is only happening with Adobe. We had Adobe 6 on the server, so i upgraded to 7 and still have the issue. tonight i am going to upgrade to 8 and see if that helps out. however if anyone has any other suggestions or solutions i would greatly appreciate it.

      Server is Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2 w/ 3 gb memory.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Check the "printer" properties; prompting is an option.

          Aandi Inston
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            the application does not seem to have "printer" properties. yes i know its weird. however from what i can see the app will just default to what ever your default printer is. and i looked in my printers and faxes and i don't see adobe in it.

            this server that BE and Adobe and the MRP software is on is a Terminal Server where i have at least 10 people during the day connected to it. only 3 people i know of that need to export their reports to a PDF.
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              >the application does not seem to have "printer" properties.

              You may need to change the default printer properties if you do have
              Adobe PDF.

              > i looked in my printers and faxes and i don't see adobe in it.

              It may be that the software doesn't use Acrobat at all. It's quite
              possible that it has a built in PDF creator that doesn't use any Adobe

              Since you are posting in the Adobe Reader forum, it may be that you
              have only Adobe Reader on the box. This has no PDF printer in any

              Aandi Inston
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                I unistalled Adobe Reader 7, rebooted, cleaned up the registry file of all adobe Reader 6 and 7 versions, rebooted, installed Adobe Reader 8 and rebooted and the issue still exists.

                I just don't understand why one week it was working and now it is now.

                Aandi do you have any other suggestions or ideas. i really appreciate your assistance here.

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                  I think we can be absolutely clear that this isn't Adobe Reader. And I
                  understand you don't have Acrobat either.

                  Therefore, the PDF creation is part of the application you are using;
                  I recommend you contact the people who support that.

                  Aandi Inston