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    Problems with PDFs, Reader, and Printing

      My web application exports PDF files using SQL Server Reporting Services. The exported PDF files are version 1.3 (supposedly compatible with Adobe Acrobat version 4 and higher). Previously I used Crystal Reports which output PDF files as version 1.2.

      This switch to 1.3 has caused havoc with SOME of my ASP (application service provider) customers because if they use Adobe Reader 8 to print the PDFs then they get obscure printing errors (the header of one page prints and then a printed error message of ERROR: Undefined COMMAND: 1b&) with certain Xerox workgroup printers (and not with most other printers). If they use Adobe Reader 7, then they have no problems at all with ANY of the printers.

      So, at its core, this is a problem somewhere with Adobe PDF files, PDF versions, printers and their drivers, and the latest version of Adobe Reader (8.1.2). I would like to think that the latest version of any software should work better and my customers won't have to go back to Adobe Reader 7.0 to print things.

      Is this a bug in Adobe Reader 8.1.2? What are the workarounds?

      Thanks for any help.