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    Unable to Print From Adobe Reader - No Error Messages

      My husband has an Emachine desktop with HP Deskjet D4160, 512 RAM and Adobe reader 8.1.2 ... I have a Sony Vio desktop, 1.5 gig RAM, a second printer same model, and the Adobe reader 8.1.2. The 2 computers are not networked. Both of us are using windows XP operating system, service pack 2. We both have the same problem since we installed Adobe Reader 8.1.2, we are unable to print any pdf file. We do not get any error messages.

      After we select print, you can hear the printer click a couple times as though it was getting ready to print, then nothing. There is no printer icon in the tool bar showing that the printer has anything pending. If you open up the printer it also shows Printer is ready with no pending documents. Again, it does not show any errors or warnings.

      I have searched the forum and knowledgebase, found some suggestions where people had an error message to report. I tried what was suggested there including changing going into "Comments and Forms" ... Document and Markup, then changing that to just Document. Didn't change anything.

      This is getting pretty frustrating have both computers with the same problem and have PDF documents that need to be printed. I sure would appreciate some ideas on how to correct the problem. OH .. I also checked for updates from Adobe and we are current. Windows XP is also updated several times a week with any current patches or updates.
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          I have the same exact problem as SandyStill. It tries to print, ejects plain paper and nothing pending in the printer. I am running a Dell XP Pro, Adobe Reader 8.1.2, RAM-1G, and an HPDJ 6940 printer. Tried tech support with HP to no avail because everything else prints fine.

          I've even tried some of the suggestions of another thread using the Microsoft Utility to remove Adobe and then download it again with no success.

          Does anyone have a solution?
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            We have had this same issue at my company. From dinking around with settings all over the place, the only way we finally got it to work was to change the print quality to draft. To do this I clicked File -> Print -> Properties -> Features tab -> Print Quality, change from Normal or Best to Draft. Seems to have fixed it for us even though obviously the print quality then is not as good. At least it prints.