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    Help With Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.1.2

      Just need to know,say I have document say is 5.56MB when I convert to PDF can I get it to 100KB. If so how do I do it.??

      My Acrobat Pro is part of my Adobe Web Premium CS3.

      Any Help would be good.

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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          Sometimes you can do this. There isn't a magic button for setting
          size, but you can consider all of the things that contribute to the
          size, such as number of fonts, number of images and other graphics,
          amount of navigation. Sometimes things can be made smaller (for
          example, lowering image resolution from 300 dpi to 75 dpi could reduce
          space used for images by more than 90 percent). Sometimes you just
          can't: for instance if you have an architects plan as lines, you can't
          take out any of those lines.

          If you have any more questions about Acrobat, rather than Adobe
          Reader, I recommend the Acrobat Windows or Acrobat Macintosh forum.

          Aandi Inston