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    Problem on remote jump to NamedDestination in unicode PDF


      I'm writing an application which reads all NamedDest out of a PDF file and then gives the opportunity to view them by opening the document in the Acrobat Reader and jumping to the named destination.
      This already works good, but if the named destination is defined as a unicode string, there are some documents which doesn't work.
      First of all: I tried to use the Acrobat Reader ActiveX AND the possibility of running Reader and remote control with DDE. It works both with the same effect, so I do not hope that this problem lies on communication.

      To check why this doesn't work, I made some test PDFs. If there are only a few named destinations within the PDF (but with unicode strings) it works. The I added about 100 named destinations and then it didn't work.
      I looked within the text editor and there was following change in the '/Dests' tag:

      <</Dests 121 0 R>>
      121 0 obj
      <</Names ...

      not working (with many named dests):
      <</Dests 121 0 R>>
      121 0 obj
      <</Kids[122 0 R 123 0 R]>>
      122 0 obj
      <</Limits[...]/Names ...

      It seems like the '/Limits' tag or the '/Kids' tag does not work with Acrobat Reader. Did someone realize an related problem or is this the false direction?

      It would be great if someone has a hint for me, how to solve this problem.

      Best regards,