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    Problem with Reader and IE

      We are using AR 8.1.2, and IE 6.0 on WinXPPro SP2 and all patches at work.

      Recently, we started using an application at work to take online training, at the conclusion of which the user needs to print a certificate of completion. The process uses Adobe Reader.

      Problem is...on a LOT of computers, the certificate doesn't print (doesn't even display as it should normally), and, the user gets an error saying Adobe Reader needs to be installed. It should be noted that AR works fine opening a PDF file, whether local or from the Internet (and, will then print the file), and, we get no errors or functionality issue, except when trying to print the certificate. Error occurs whether printing to network or local printers.

      Uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling AR 8.1.2 seems to fix things, but...obviously takes a long time, and is not suitable for our large user base (> 2000 users). I suspect that, although we pushed out AR with SMS 2003 when "no user was logged on", so both IE and any Office applications would have been closed, it didn't get something registered or installed right in IE.

      I'm looking for a faster and easier way to fix this, and, maybe a way to proactively detect this (registry setting, file or dll presence, etc.), so I can remotely fix this en masse. Didn't know if just repushing it using MSIExec in Repair mode would work, or, what. And...what the problem is?

      Any ideas?

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          What software is putting out the message that Adobe Reader needs to be
          installed? Is it browser JavaScript? It doesn't seem possible that
          Reader itself could be putting out the message.

          If you aren't sure, what is the caption of the message, and its exact
          text - any icons?

          Aandi Inston
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            Having similar issue with Adobe Reader 7.0.5 with Concur Expense v7.1.1.23. User #1 has no issue -- using Adobe Reader 7.0.5 he can view pdf of receipts in separate browser window perfectly. User #2 is running Adobe Reader 7.0.5, Windows XP SP2, Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11CO, and gets error message when attempting to view the EXACT SAME pdf sitting on the exact same server, only from a different PC. Error message as follows:
            * Blue bar across top, little IE logo, text "Concur Expense - Windows Internet Explorer"
            * Headline in bold: Adobe Acrobat Reader Not Installed
            * Text of message below says: "Viewing these receipts requires the Acrobat Reader, which you can download free of charge from Adobe Systems Incorporated, subject to the terms of use required by Adobe. Concur Technologies makes no representations or warranties, and expressly disclaims any and all liability, with respect to Adobe products and services. Contact your service administrator to learn how to install the reader."
            The Concur support site notes that Adobe has issued "tech bulletin_April 2008" re an issue with receipt viewing and Adobe, but I cannot find this tech bulletin on the Adobe site.
            Any help would be appreciated!
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              Our "Learning Management System" (LMS) seems to have been built with a product from Plateau (www.plateau.com). Can't find any more info than that, as, it's National, not local.

              Basically, you take courses, many are offered, and, at the end of the course, if it's completed successfully, you have the ability to print a Certificate of Completion. What SHOULD happen, is you click on this (usually a link or button), a new IE screen comes up, header = "...Generating Report", text in the screen: "Please wait while your report is completed. Do not close this window until after you have viewed/printed the report.", then, Adobe Reader will open up, letting you view the Certificate.

              On the "bad" computers, you get the first IE screen, same header and text, but, then you get a small error message popup: header, "Adobe PDF Document", text, "There is a problem With Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please exit Adobe Acrobat Reader and try again."

              There are no errors in any of the Windows Event Logs.

              All computers had AR 8.1.2 installed while no users were logged-on (to prevent the known problems with IE or Office programs being open and screwing up the install), many had this as the ONLY version installed (no upgrades).

              Sometimes...reinstalling the Reader fixes things. Other times, uninstall, reboot, reinstall must be done.

              Am fairly certain that this is some kind of Registration issue with IE, or, something, and, am seriously looking for an easier fix, as...this is affecting thousands of computers.

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                I wonder if this is relevant as it has that message :

                Aandi Inston
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                  I have seen that, as well as several other things. We are trying to avoid having to reinstall! Thought that the bit about changing the setting in the Reader would do the trick, and, it DOES seem to fix OTHER website problems, and, they can now open PDF files, but...did not fix the LMS Certificate problem...sigh...



                  >>http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb401258 (This requires change to MST)



                  Thanks P. Allan! The registry change worked for me!
                  (Default) = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"

                  And this:

                  I needed to add the following registry key.

                  Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

                  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Software\Adobe \Acrobat]

                  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Software\Adobe \Acrobat\Exe]
                  @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Reader 8.0\\Reader\\AcroRd32.exe\""

                  I, later, added it within the mst with the customization wizard 8
                  but unfortunatly the uses of symbols as "[READER]AcroRd32.exe" didn't work Ihad to use C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe

                  And, from APPDeploy (haven't tested this fully, yet):

                  Warning about the Acrobat Reader 8.1.2 update.

                  If you have the Acrobat Authoring software installed on a machine and you update the Reader software to 8.1.2 and you select either "Make Acrobat the default viewer if both Acrobat and Reader are installed", or "Make Reader the default viewer if both Acrobat and Reader are installed" the user will get an error when the Reader launches. Turning off "Open in Browser" under Edit, Preferences, Internet solves the problem, or you can also re-compile your MST with the "Installer will decide which product will be the default" option and push it back out. KB is located at

                  From StealthPuppy:
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                    i am unable to display a pdf of version 7.0 in internet explorer 6.0 The pdf is generated by output es service of Adobe LiveCycle .. kindly give a solution for this ...