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    Printing Large Scale PDF with Reader 8.1.2

      I receive many large scale PDF files, 32 inches X 24 inches, such as plans for demolition and paving work sites. The PDF files are usually one page. I want to print these files, however I do not have a printer that will print pages that large, my printer will only print 8.5" X 11". I must print these files large enough to see the details on the plans, when I SHRINK TO PRINTABLE AREA or FIT TO PRINTABLE AREA the details are too small to read. I have been printing with the CURRENT VIEW option after zooming then taping the pages together to make one large print.

      Q: Is there a way to make READER divide the one page into many pages of 8" X 11.5" so that I do not have to use the CURRENT VIEW? OR can I export the PDF to Microsoft Publisher and divide the one page with Publisher?
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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          What you are looking for is called "Tiling" and would be a function of your print driver. If you can do it, you would find the tiling option in the print menu.

          What you CAN do (this isn't perfect by any means) is zoom in to a view you want to print, Select it with the "snapshot" tool. Go to File>Print and make sure that the "Selected graphic" button is selected.