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    100% CPU Utilization by svchost.exe evidently due to Acrobat reader & Adobe players

      I have been working on a PC that was rendered inoperable because svchost.exe pegged the CPU @ 100%. After working on it for a couple of hours, I reformatted the HD & restored the OS. In the process of re-installing programs, when I got to the Adobe products (Flash, Shockwave, Air & Acrobat reader) again svchost.exe was pegging the CPU @ 100%. So I removed the 4 above mentioned & restored the PC to just before the installation, and the PC was back to normal. Next I re-installed Acrobat reader, and svchost.exe pegged the processor again at 100%. After removing Acrobat reader & going back to the restore point, everything was normal again. The next time I tried just the Flash & Shockwave players, and pegged again. Would draw the same conclusion as me that there is a problem with the Adobe downloads? I have another PC on my bench that seems to have the same problem. If there is anyone from Adobe that would like to address this issue please contact me. greg@okie-dokie.com