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    Back Button

      In my Acrobat document I have buttons at the bottom to clear the form, and to print the form, but I would like one to "Press the browsers back button"

      since all the forms display in the browser window, when a client is done with a form I want to make a button that says "Return to the forms Page" Now I know I can easily make a button open a webpage, this works but here is my problem;

      There is two ways to get to the same document, and I want them to "go back" to the menu they were at before they opened the pdf document. If not I'll have to have multiple pdf documents with different "Go Back" www linked buttons, Which is way not desirable.

      Is there a way to have a button perform the "Back" Brower feature from a pdf displayed in a Brower window?

      I'm using Acrobat Pro 6.0, and Internet Explorer 7.