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    Reader 8.1.2 :  garbled / scrambled text when printing

      After upgrading to version 8.1.2 from 7.1, our work place noticed that certain PDF documents will print garbled text if the Reader window is closed prior to the document being completely processed in the Print Queue. (Windows XP) These documents are PDF files that use an active script to import information from the user's log-in to fill in various fields (name, birth date, etc...). For example, if you print a document that is 10 pages and you close the Reader window prior to the 10th page being printed, every page printed after the closed window will be printed with garbled/scrambled text. This issue is not present before version 8. Its as if Adobe 8 maintains a link to spool/stream data from the Reader window to the print queue. Has anybody else experienced this or any suggestions for a fix? (other than rolling back to version 7) thnks