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    Offline access to my eBook

      I downloaded an eBook and the first time I opened it adobe reader gave a message stating that it had a feature that would allow me to access my eBook offline, I said no at the moment thinking I could always change my mind....
      Now that I did, I don't know how to change that setting, meaningt that I have to be online whenever I want to open my eBook in order to type my username and password.

      I went to my online university technical support "specialist" and when he started to say that I needed to create a new windows user i just didn't want to hear the rest, not because I don't know how to do it but because it's stupid. I bet there's got to be some way to deal with that issue from adobe reader or (worst case scenario) by changing the registry.

      All input welcome.

      Thanks a lot in advanced!

      Mario R. Osorio
      "... begin with the end in mind ..."