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    Acrobat 8 Examine Document/Remove hidden Text not working

      I opened a PDF document (ver 1.4) (in Acrobat 1.8 ) that contains text I can select/search on. (This is not a image doc). One of the numbers on the screen is showing -29,612. Now when I select "Examine document" menu option and then make sure that the "Hidden Text" box is checked and then click the "remove all hidden text" button, Acrobat then "removes" all the "hidden text" from the document. But after it finishes, the -29,612 turns into 29,612.

      My question would be Why would Acrobat remove the negative sign from the number which was clearly "visible" on the screen in Acrobat. How is the negative sign be considered "hidden text".

      Is this a huge bug in the Software or am I missing something here?

      Much thanks for any information on this.