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    8.1.2 on OSX 10.5.2

      Having bought an iMac with OSX 10.5.2, and migrated my software and settings to the new machine, the first time I tried opening a PDF document, I got a message saying the software was "not supported on this architecture." I downloaded 8.1.2. What happens now is that sometimes a PDF file will open with the 8.1.2 Reader, and sometimes the same file won't open and I get the same "not supported on this architecture" message no matter how many times I try.

      Have other people come across this? If anybody found a fix for it, I'd be grateful to know.

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          The clue may be at the systems requirements page:

          It does not list OS X 10.5.2, nor Safari beyond 2.0.2. Or maybe they have not yet updated the page. I am checking with the iMaclist at lowendmac.com.
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            If you went from a non-Intel Mac to an Intel Mac, that's your problem. You need the Intel version of Reader.
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              Thanks for both pieces of advice. Just to make sure I have the latest and Intel version of Adobe 8.1.2 I downloaded the OS X 10.5.2 update again. It came in AdbeRdr80_DLM_en_US_i386.dmg. and installed Intel version 8.1.2, created 12 January 2008 at 09.00, the same, as far as I could tell, as the previous version I'd downloaded and installed.

              When, to test it, I clicked on a PDF file in an email I'd received, instead of seeing the file download and then open, which I used to find on my previous, non-Intel, Mac with Tiger 10.4.9, I got a message saying the file couldn't be opened and I should try saving it to disc. Having saved it to the Desktop, I then clicked to open it, and got the message "You cant open the application .... (four illegibly small letters or digits, but presumably referring to Adobe) because it is not supported on this architecture." I then clicked on the Adobe Reader alias ikon in my Dock, which opened the Application. Following this, clicking on the PDF file opened it, and I could read it.

              This has been my experience ever since I got my new iMac with the Intel processor and 10.5.0, upgraded since to 10.5.2, in it.

              I've had Macs for twenty years, and have never come across such a problem in all the the time I've been using Adobe.

              Equally unprecedented are the problems I've had with using Spotlight in Mail, where it just won't work on Entire Message, a problem that no amount of tech support help over the phone, nor visits to the Genius Bar, have solved; and finding that when I try to burn a DVD, though the burning seems to complete, the verification invariably stops, with a message saying "This disc could not be verified and might be unreliable. Try again using a new, black disc. (Error code Ox80020063)" and the experience repeated no matter how many new DVDs I try. The agent at the Genius Bar suggested that upgrading to 10.5.3 would solve the problem with Spotlight in Mail, but I now see user reports that 10.5.3 creates problems using Adobe.

              Perhaps I should have stuck with my old machine.
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                I remember having to open Acrobat/Adobe Reader in past years, before OS X and then navigating to the PDF file to open it. I could never figure out why some files needed this procedure. That is why I was happy to find how well Preview did in OS 10.3, Panther.

                The Spotlight problem with Entire Message has a standard fix in two variations. In either variation, one uses three specific instructions in Terminal. In my case, that did not work because Spotlight indexing refused to deal with old font suitcases from System 7.1 which I had stashed and forgot about. A second level AppleCare tech even tried the Terminal route with me, but we ended up doing an Archive and Install of OS 10.5. Look at the following, related threads:

                Join the imaclist at:

                These folks have been a big help to me. I've seen prior discussion about the DVD burn problem. I hope to see you there.

                Good Luck
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                  I just noticed that the second "groups.google" link in my previous post gives a thread with 42 posts with a page break at the 25th. See my post of Apr 13, 9:14 pm for a snapshot.