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    Reader 8.1.2

      Since installing Reader 8.1.2 on Windows XP I do not get a picture in the Preview Composite of my Lexmark X1100 printer when I click Print current view.
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          Since installing Reader 8.1 (now updated to 8.1.2) when I view a PDF it comes up at about 40% of my screen area. When I maximize the Window the player utilizes the entire window area, however the document does not resize to use the entire area. Changing zoom does not affect the area used to show the display.

          If I reduce the size of the window the document will resize to fill the smaller window, however when I increase the size again it is limited to the original window size.
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            I've got the similar problem, as Ben.

            I was wonder if it had something to do with the registry key.

            When I check my registry I find two directories.
            HKEY_USER\"my-user-id"\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\7.0
            HKEY_USER\"my-user-id"\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\8.0

            I have TWO sets of keys for Acrobat Reader,
            One for 7.0 and one for 8.0, SHOULD THERE BE
            If not, how would one remove the old one(7.0) "properly"?

            THANKS in advance, for ANY responses.
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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              > I've got the similar problem, as Ben.

              Then why are either of you in this thread? It's about a totally different problem. Start a new thread to get an answer faster rather then hiding in an unrelated one.