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    Printing multiple attachments from outlook 2003 fails

      I have huge problems printing pdf attachments through outlook, when i try i either dont print them all or it pops up with an error saying.

      file could not be found, or No printer installed, or printer have to be setup to allow printing.

      ofc a printer is installed and setup, i have tried printing on HP 9000, 9040, 4730, 4600, with both PCL6 and PS drivers.

      I have tried printing to a file, and printing directly to the printer.

      I have installed a PC with the bare minimum, XP SP2, outlook and adobe 7 and 8, same issue.

      the pdfs im trying to print are microsoft proof of sales documents, which we receive several of each day, with 5-20 pdf attachments in each, each attachment is between 400 and 800 kb in size.

      the problem is also present in outlook 2007.

      I'm sure there are several things i have tried and forgotten in this plea for help, but im really hoping someone out there have one or more ideas.

      Thanks in advance.